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America’s First Affordable Cylinder Gas Telemetry System

In 2011, Vendor Managed Gas™ (VMG) was created by Wright Brothers, a successful third generation industrial gas distributor that was founded in 1950.

The Wright Brothers Team was looking for a way to improve business costs and customer satisfaction and believed that a more affordable telemetry solution was just what they needed.  Unfortunately one didn’t exist, so the team took the time to design and develop an affordable solution they knew would help them and their customers remotely monitor gas level, gas supply, and overall gas system performance under the difficult environmental conditions within the industry. 

Prior to VMG, there was limited use of telemetry in and around industrial gas because the solutions were too expensive for cylinder, beverage, and microbulk applications.  However, by leveraging radio frequency (RF) to maximize signal distance and strength and cellular signals to keep data frequent and secure, VMG designed and built a cost effective telemetry platform that could be used across the many different locations and facilities where industrial gases are needed. VMG also developed a custom dashboard with an industry specific monitoring, alert, and ordering system that helps make the data more accessible and user friendly. 

Vendor Managed Gas’s goal is to change how gas supply and gas systems are managed and with a VMG Telemetry System in place, gas distributors and gas customers now have affordable access to the real-time and historical data they need to improve decision making, decrease emergency deliveries and runouts, and optimize their resources.   
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