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vmg sensor

VMG LoRa Transceiver

Collects pressure, level or flow data and transmits the readings through long range radio frequency (LoRa RF).  

- VMG developed LoRa in 2016
- VMG LoRa Transceivers have multiple inputs to monitor 3 or 5 different systems / transceiver which helps lower hardware costs.

vmg collector

VMG LoRa Collector

Receives VMG Transceiver signal and sends data to the cloud through the Verizon Cellular network (with flexibility to use other networks if necessary).

- VMG developed LoRa in 2016
- VMG Collectors can aggregate 100’s of transceiver signals from within a 1-mile line-of-site range to minimize hardware costs.
- Collectors automatically pair with transceivers for quick and easy installations that take only minutes.

VMG Dashboard *newly updated in 2022

The VMG Dashboard data is stored securely on a web services platform and is available on desktop and mobile to view:

- Tank or cylinder levels or pressures  
- Days left to run out
- Historical readings and usage trends
- Flow rates
- Battery level
- Cell signal strength

Customizable Alert System

Setup Custom email alerts for instant notification when certain:  

- Levels, pressures, or flow rates are reached
- Batteries run low
- Connectivity is lost

Just-In-Time Deliveries

Email based order system is available on the dashboard to quickly create orders and ensure deliveries are scheduled before customers run out.   No more milk runs required.

Remote Monitoring with VMG’s Enhanced Dashboard

Easy to set up, navigate and monitor. The VMG Dashboard eliminates any worries about running out of product by allowing easy access on smartphone or computer.

Gas Levels

Easily identify gas levels with green, yellow, red color coding based on custom preset levels. Monitor current and past readings to keep an eye on usage and plan for potential future needs.

Days to Run Out

The Dashboard calculates how many days of product are left based on historical use data to help determine when an order is required.

Alerts and Filtering

Quickly identify issues with a daily listing of all alerts and the ability to filter data by reading levels or date ranges.

Just-In-Time Deliveries

Email based order system is built into the dashboard to quickly and easily create orders by emailing the gas supplier when more product is needed.  No more extra cylinders.

Device Status

Check on device connectivity, signal strength, and battery levels to know how the system is working and when battery replacements are needed.

Site Information

Find out when the last reading took place and what the temperature of the environment was during the last reading.

Readings and Capabilities

VMG's telemetry equipment measures and monitors liquid levels with differential pressure, impedance probe, intercepting off already installed equipment or weight.

VMG's wireless telemetry system measures and monitors pressures across any flammable or nonflammable products up to 6000 PSI with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

VMG’s telemetry devices can monitor and transmit signals for more than tank and cylinder levels and pressures.  Things like location, temperature, flow rate and oxygen or carbon dioxide level can all be remotely monitored with the VMG Dashboard.

Collector GPS Mapping

Collector locations provide the ability to route plan based on GPS data.

Sensor Ambient Temperature

Temperature data provides potential explanation for tank pressure changes.

Water Temperature and Pressure

Alert system notifies users of any concerning changes.

Oxygen and CO2 Detectors

Helps monitor indoor Oxygen or CO2 levels for safety reasons.

Flow Rates

Provides ability to accurately measure usage for different machines or areas.