New Bulk Gas Telemetry Integration with TIMS!

April 15, 2024, Billings, MT – Computers Unlimited (CU), developer of TIMS® and the leading provider of integrated ERP solutions for industrial welding and gas distributors, is thrilled to announce an integration with telemetry provider Vendor Managed Gas (VMG).

VMG Releases High Visibility Weigh Scale

New High Visibility Weigh Scale for Liquid Gas

VMG and Wright Brothers Global Gas Join Ohio Life Sciences Advantage Savings Program

We are exhibiting at Semicon West - come visit us at booth 5883

Learn how VMG can help reduce gas waste, unplanned downtimes, and labor costs.

VMG Exhibits at BIO 2023 in Boston, MA!

Come to booth 2575 at #BIO2023 and learn about VMG's patented Auto Reserve Fill Smart Manifold

Brian Oeder named CEO of Vendor Managed Gas™

Angie Signorile joins Vendor Managed Gas™

Has your business experienced this?

New IWDC Approved Vendor – VMG

GAWDA and IWDC Spring Sales and Purchasing events

We will be showcasing the latest patented technology

Telemetry innovations for gas users and suppliers

By Mikey Ahrens, Product Engineer for Vendor Managed Gas™

New VMG Manifold Gets Patent Accepted

Vendor Managed Gas (VMG) has a new, patent accepted manifold.

White Paper: A Better Understanding of Smart Manifolds™

Deliver constant gas supply without interruption. Eliminate emergency deliveries and downtime.

Check out our new article in Gasworld! CO2 and most flammable gases can use the reserve fill manifold.

Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has had the patent accepted for its Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold™, a manifold that automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.

Gasworld - "VMG launches new smart manifolds"

Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has unveiled two new smart manifolds to work with its telemetry and leak tester products.

Gas keeps beverage market flowing

The hospitality industry has long relied on distributors for carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen to dispense soda, beer, wine and even coffee


Wright Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1950 by the Wright Brothers. Not Orville and Wilbur, but Charles W. and Morrow.

Harris Gas Switchover Systems Keeps Beverages Flowing

Harris Products Group is the "go-to" company for gas regulators and auto-switchover systems designed for beverage dispensing and craft beer production.

Patent Pending Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold from VMG

The Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold works well in applications where microbulk is not an option - bars and restaurants, laser cutting, welding and research facilities.

VMG: A new paradigm in gas system management from a cryogenic source

Traditionally (except in a few instances) cryogenically delivered gas systems user has had total responsibility for managing onsite the operation of a gas system.

Did you know VMG can alert you to freezing pipes?

VMG has a temperature thermal couple in each transceiver which allows for the temperature to be monitored where ever there is a transceiver.

How to explain VMG so my boss will buy it

Here are 5 key points to tell your boss to get him or her to buy VMG:

Wireless features of VMG

Would being completely wireless help your business?

VMG highlighted in Cryogas International

Vendor Managed Gas was recently a finalist for ‘Best New Product of the Year’ at Cincinnati USA Business Awards 2014.

Continuous gas supply with no down time while optimizing delivery logistics

Vendor Managed Gas services provides continuous level monitoring and automated reordering before your supply runs out.

Effortless automated order and delivery

The VMG Transceiver Unit provides real-time data to automate ordering and delivery to your site(s).

No excess rent for reserve cylinders

The number of cylinders required on site will depend on your desired safety stock.

Collectors aggregate multiple cylinders and tanks

Each collector aggregates multiple cylinders as well as micro-bulk and bulk tanks, which allows the use of less equipment to do much more for one low monthly cost.

Complete gas monitoring system

Vendor Managed Gas™ provides a low cost monitoring program for cylinder and bulk applications.

VMG automatic switchover manifold

Manage your customer gases so you can reduce your distribution cost. Why Wouldn't You?

Low-cost cellular technology

Our collectors use an embedded Verizon chip to transmit data to the dashboard.

Gas telemetry tracking and trending

VMG offers advanced tracking & trending history for high pressure cylinders, bulk, and micro-bulk tanks using our gas telemetry system.

Minimal cylinders for maximum floor space

Automating gas replenishment with just-in-time ordering lets you stock only the cylinders needed to meet your demand between desired delivery intervals.