How to explain VMG so my boss will buy it

It happens, CEOs and company owners are busy and constantly getting sales calls for the new coolest thing, and the call gets thrown around until the site tech picks it up. But, it turns out, VMG is actually really cool, AND would help save the company time and money. So how do you get the company president to see it too? Here are 5 key points to tell your boss to get him or her to buy VMG:

1. Continuous supply with no down time and effortless automated order and delivery

In the 21st century, you don’t need to check your cylinder levels, your cylinders check you. When the amount of gas or liquid in a cylinder gets below a certain level (selected by your boss), an alert is automatically generated and emailed to any address (also selected by your boss). And within the email alert, there’s a link to place an order – right there! So incredibly easy, and by ordering ahead you avoid high emergency delivery costs and you can more easily forecast run-outs.­

2. Gas Telemetry Tracking and Trending

The most awesome thing about VMG is that it’s wireless, and that means you can access the data collected from anywhere. Literally anywhere. Does your boss travel a lot? S/he can check the cylinder levels from the dashboard anywhere that there’s an internet connection. Tablet, phone, lap top, doesn’t matter. 3:00AM and can’t sleep worrying about a possible leak in a cylinder? The data is still accessible!

3. Manage physical cylinders more easily

VMG reduces or eliminates the need for backup cylinder stock, which can also be a building code or OSHA issue. Minimize cylinders for maximum floor space!

Plus, no need for excess rent for reserve cylinders. VMG is introducing “Days to Run Out Projected” in the next release.  This feature will project the replenishment date by using the demand slopes for gas consumptions.  The number of backup cylinders will depend on desired safety stock and with DROP it might well be zero.  Shall we say VMG can JIT (just in time) DROP the gas at your use point.

4. Low-cost cellular technology

We are practically giving this stuff away. Seriously. After the initial cost for all the collectors and sensors, it is super affordable for a low cost each month to keep getting alert emails and cylinder readings. Thanks to our partners at Verizon we are able to help you keep costs down.

5. Aggregate multiple cylinders/micro/bulk tanks to one collector

One Collector unit can retrieve data from over 100 sensors. This way, you and your boss can organize costs a little better. But even though so many sensors transmit to one collector, the readings for each sensor and cylinder are incredibly accurate and your readings won’t be off.

VMG is the low-cost telemetry system you and your boss have been looking for, and now you know how to explain it. Still at a loss for words? Show your boss the video on our homepage or have him or her call 513-936-5910 and we’ll help you out!