White Paper: A Better Understanding of Smart Manifolds™

Deliver constant gas supply without interruption. Eliminate emergency deliveries and downtime.

Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold™

A new Affordable patent pending manifold that automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.  The Automatic ReserveFill Smart Manifold equalizes pressure between cylinders meaning you only ever need to change out the primary side. This minimizes human interaction and helps eliminate errors in switching cylinders and can reduce storage space needed for reserve cylinders.  This new manifold works with all inert gases(Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, Welding Mix and Beer Gas) and is optimal in applications where microbulk is not an option – bars and restaurants, laser gases, welding, and research facilities.

Automatic Switchover Smart Manifold™

A new switchover manifold that automatically changes to the reserve cylinders, so you never have to worry about changing sides or running out of product.  The two-stage pressure control on theAutomatic Switchover Smart Manifold allows users to receive constant pressure and flow, eliminating the need for in-shift gas change outs and minimizing lost product or downtime. Its compact design and aluminum mounting bracket allow the manifold to be installed with ease and the backup side is expandable if required.  The VMG Automatic SwitchoverSmart Manifold works great with carbon dioxide (especially when combined with a scale), oxygen, and flammable gases.

VMG Telemetry

Collector and Sensor

Combining either “Smart” manifold with a VMG Telemetry System provides a form of site management that allows users and gas suppliers the ability to monitor gas levels, line pressures, detect leaks and view overall usage in real-time.  The system is quick and easy to install because the collector and sensor self-pair. The dashboard provides a place to view readings, monitor alerts and warnings, and place orders.  The built-in order system means product orders can be quickly placed right from the dashboard while checking levels and pressures, so disruptive calls and emails are not needed.  Users can also customize theVMG system to receive immediate or daily email notifications when preset levels, leaks or use changes occur.  With VMG, customers and distributors know when new cylinders are required, so they always have a constant gas supply without interruption and never experience down time or need emergency cylinder deliveries.

VMG Leak Testers for Manifold Systems

When installing or checking manifolds use a VMG Leak Tester to get real time pressure readings that can help you make sure the system is holding pressure.  There are 2 tester options – one with a digital read out and one that works with bluetooth and a phone app.  Both provide accurate precise readings so you can see in real-time if there are any leaks. You hook up the testers to the primary side of the manifold and it takes pressure readings every 2 seconds so you can quickly see if the system working.  The VMG Leak Testers are great for bulk, microbulk, protocol gas, and beverage systems that have long plumbing runs or hidden plumbing at places like breweries and restaurants, labs, laser shops, and refineries.

About VMG

In 2011, Vendor Managed GasTelemetry (VMG) was created by Wright Brothers, a successful third generation industrial gas distributor that was founded in 1950.  Prior to VMG, there was limited use of telemetry in and around industrial gas because the solutions were too expensive for cylinder, beverage, and microbulk applications.  However, by leveraging radio frequency (RF) to maximize signal distance and strength and cellular signals to keep data frequent and secure, VMG designed and built a cost effective telemetry platform that could be used across the many different locations and facilities where industrial gases are needed.  VMG’s goal is to change how gas supply and gas systems are managed and with VMG Manifolds andTelemetry in place, gas distributors and gas customers have affordable access to the real-time and historical data they need to improve decision making, decrease emergency deliveries and run outs, and optimize their resources.