Harris Gas Switchover Systems Keeps Beverages Flowing

With more than 100 years of experience in gas handling and delivery systems, Harris Products Group is the "go-to" company for gas regulators and auto-switchover systems designed for beverage dispensing and craft beer production. For those customers who need to keep the soda, beer and other beverages flowing and avoid delivery delays, Harris has several turnkey solutions.

The Harris beverage gas switchover manifold keeps beverages flowing and prevents delivery delays. With this switchover manifold, users can minimize the risk of ever running out of gas by automatically switching gas supply from the primary cylinders to reserve cylinders. The two-stage pressure control allows users to receive constant pressure and flow, eliminating the need for in-shift gas changeouts and minimizing lost product or downtime. Its compact design and aluminum mounting bracket allow the manifold to be installed with ease.

Harris also offers a beverage gas switchover with telemetry which virtually eliminates all issues associated with supplying beverage gases by allowing the user and gas supplier to monitor gas supply in “realtime.” Via a computer or mobile device, users are able to access their current status, detect leaks, and view overall gas usage via a dashboard and virtually eliminates issues associated with supplying beverage gases. The standard unit has two primary cylinders and one reserve. Cylinders can be added to expand the system.

Harris delivers several other beverage solutions for customers ranging from retailers to event venues operators to craft beer producers who want reliability, durability and superior service from their products.