Has your business experienced this?

It was a typical summer challenge, a driver is on vacation. Then, a truck needs service.  Then, another driver is sick.  Now the remaining drivers are overloaded.  The large accounts must have product on their route day.  One small account has a special need and really needs product tomorrow.  What about everyone in between?

Customer Care stepped in to save the day.  Rather than following a ten-stop route where multiple customers may be ok a bit longer, Customer Care evaluated each delivery.  Traditionally, Customer Care would have gone down this list calling each account.  This would take a long time if the correct person wasn't available or they had to walk back to look at gauges.  With VMG each customer was examined quickly.  Using Days to Run Out or glancing at a graph, it is easy to see the status of each.  Customers can be grouped by geography, type of fill, name of corporate chain, or something else.   It was determined that two customers were at 50-70% and could wait a entire week.  Three customers were near the plant or common routes and could wait another day.  A fourth was using product very slowly and had no problem waiting.  Additionally, it was discovered that one account had a leak and was close to running out!  This delivery was moved to earlier in the day.

With just a few clicks on the dashboard, Customer Care and dispatch worked together to take care of all the customers.  Some customers didn't even need to know about the change.  Others were happy to accommodate and be informed. The customer could also view the dashboard for peace of mind.  Contact us to tell us your challenges and let us help!