New VMG Manifold Gets Patent Accepted

Vendor Managed Gas (VMG) has a new, patent accepted manifold. The Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold™ pressure transfers from the primary cylinder(s) to the reserve cylinder(s) when the primary is replaced, meaning you only ever need to change out the primary side.  Additionally, the manifold automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.  A check valve prevents the reserve cylinder from losing pressure to the primary side.   This minimizes human interaction and helps eliminate errors in switching cylinders and can reduce storage space needed for reserve cylinders.  The reserve cylinder can be a smaller cylinder kept in a storage cabinet.  The Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold™ is preferred in most cylinder gas applications.  VMG telemetry enhances traditional methods to further prevent runouts.   Made in the USA.

In 2011, Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) was created by Wright Brothers, a successful third generation industrial gas distributor that was founded in 1950.  Prior to VMG, there was limited use of telemetry in and around industrial gas because the solutions were too expensive for cylinder, beverage, and microbulk applications.  However, by leveraging radio frequency (RF) to maximize signal distance and strength and while aggregating data sent to cellular signals to keep data frequent and secure, VMG designed and built a cost effective, plug and play, telemetry platform that could be used across the many different locations and facilities where industrial gases are needed. VMG’s goal is to change how gas supply and gas systems are managed and with VMG Manifolds and Telemetry in place, gas distributors and gas customers have affordable access to the real-time and historical data they need to improve decision making, decrease emergency deliveries and runouts, and optimize their resources.

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