Wireless features of VMG

Part of what sets VMG apart from other gas monitoring telemetry systems is its ability to be completely wireless. First of all, no external power is required for the sensor – not even solar panels. The unit operates on a 9v battery that lasts up to 3 years with normal use. The collector box works best if it’s plugged into an A/C outlet, but it can run on a solar panel or for up to one week unplugged using the installed battery. This means that if the collector does need to be unplugged for some reason (to move it to a new location, etc.) no data will be lost and it will continue to report.

Additionally, VMG uses over the air (OTA) updates. This means that as long as a sensor is within the RF range of a collector box (within ½ mile) data will be transmitted wirelessly. This helps clean up the floor of cables and removes any potential tripping hazards, as well as just making it more orderly and less confusing.

The data that is wirelessly transmitted to the “cloud” can be accessed on the VMG dashboard by an unlimited number of users. Distributors and individual clients alike can view the dashboard and, depending on how their site is set up, can give other users access. For example, if gas distributor A has implemented VMG on  client site B, distributor A can wirelessly access the data from any internet connection AND give as many employees at client site B as much or as little access as they need.

VMG is wireless from data collection to dashboard access, all to make it easier and more convenient for the customer. Would being completely wireless help your business?